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Frequent Questions

What is Wortech?

Wortech is India’s an organized automobile recycling initiative which aims to reduce environmental footprint through its eco-friendly practices of recycling scrap vehicles. It symbolizes an effort towards creating a zero waste, zero pollution eco-system.

What process do I have to go through to submit my vehicle to Wortech?

We would like you to fill in your contact information here and we will get in touch with you. We can also be reached via our mobile number,  86199 88423. We have developed a hassle-free customer handling process that is focused on providing the utmost convenience to you.

What should I know before I submit my vehicle?

Before you hand over your vehicle, make sure all personal belongings are removed. It is also suggested to take a photograph of your car if you have any fond memories with it.

What will happen to my vehicle after submission to Wortech?

Once your vehicle is submitted, we will process it for environment-friendly recycling. This begins with the removal of all hazardous materials including fluids before dismantling begins to remove the metal parts.

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